In the wake of continued cuts to public funding and as an ethical alternative to private / corporate sponsorship, the Radical Renewable Art + Activism Fund (RRAAF) aims to use renewable energy as an alternative funding source for a grants scheme for popular education and creative action which investigates, exposes and challenges the root causes of social, environmental and economic injustice, and helps make visible the hidden links between energy / power / wealth in our society.

In autumn 2016, with support from Co-operative Development Scotland, RRAAF constituted as a Community Benefit Society (BenCom) – a form of co-operative which ensures proceeds from the sale of our energy are only used to benefit the local and wider community.

In October 2018, we received a grant from Local Energy Scotland to develop our pilot project: Glasgow Community Energy. Our first installations of Solar PV Panels on the roofs of public buildings across the city will be complete by 29 March 2021.